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Welding & Fabrication Strengths

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Quality Assurance :

  1. Every product is fabricated by strictly following the quality plan or quality procedure established for manufacturing.
  2. Well skilled & trained work force is employed to ensure the quality of work being done.
  3. Standard IS codes for welding is strictly followed for every product and its part.
  4. "Consumables used" are approved by IBR & BHEL.
  5. A Quality control department is established to monitor welding and fabrication to ensure the effective implementation of standards to be followed.
  6. Auto welding machines are used for auto welding of columns and beams.
  7. All raw material will used with test certified.


A team of highly skilled and trained welders is employed for welding jobs both on SS and MS Materials.

Equipments and Inspection Facilities

  1. Welding transformers and its accessories of 400 Amps capacity are used.
  2. TIG Welding Machine & Accessories are also used.
  3. All necessary goggles, gloves, torches, connection pipes, gas cylinders are available for completing the job as per the requirement.
  4. Inspection from our side and inspection of client's engineers are done to satisfy the customer need.
  5. A part from this, Third party inspection for all the parts manufactured is arranged to ensure the quality of work being done.

ISO Certification:

We are under implementing QMS for obtaining ISO 9000-2008 . Also we have implement 5S system .