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Most fabricators and general engineering companies are already working to ISO 9000 standards and are confident in their day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, customers are demanding adherence to new standards such as ISO 3834 and ISO 14731, and TWI can help Members to bring their fabricators up to speed.

TWI Certification Ltd operates the Welding Fabricator Certification Scheme, which is designed to allow welding fabricators to demonstrate compliance with ISO3834 Quality Requirements for Welding. The scheme also satisfies EWF/IIW criteria for ISO3834 certification.

In addition, even when working to qualified procedures, fabricators can be challenged by unfamiliar materials, unusual procedural requirements or complex drawings from designers. TWI can help Members who are faced with challenges like these. Increasingly, fabricators are being asked to cope with materials which are new to them. This is often because their customer supply chains are taking note of their through life costs, not just first time purchase costs.